GMO-Free Production

Our main priority as Sunar Investment have always been food safety and human health and it will continue to be so. Assuming the principle of “Food Safety from the Seed to the Table,” which is a discourse of food safety, we carry out system applications, controls and supervision in line with this. Acting with awareness about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), we exercise controls before the products in the fields until the source of the seeds or in other words, before the raw materials enter the food chain and are processed.

We took and implemented precautions in our country as Sunar Investment to inhibit the use of GMO raw materials before a legal process relating to GMOs began. We successfully passed inspections that our customers, who operate on many international levels, carried out because they particularly prioritize food safety and human health.

Our raw material corn is traditionally supplied from the Çukurova region. Planting GMO seeds is illegal in our country. Before purchasing corn, the type of seed is specified and the seed receipts are requested from our farmers and merchants; they are compared with lists, which are taken from seed production companies, of seeds that do not contain GMOs and at the end of this process, the products who have been specified not to contain a risk of carrying GMOs are purchased. Sunar Investment have been ensuring zero contamination of final/semi/raw products during transportation, storage and the traceability from seed to the final stage with its approved GMO-Free Certification. In addition to this, periodic GMO analyses of samples of corn renditions are performed in accredited laboratories. We also check for GMOs in the sunflowers that are the other oilseed that we supply.

These practices are actually an unchanging piece of our food safety practices, the results of analysis and audit are shared with our customers and transmitted when needed. In short, our products do not contain GMOs and they do not involve organisms that have been modified with genetic technology. In addition to this, no GMO or GMO derivative has been using during production.

We value our people. We carry out our investments and forward-looking goals in line with this. We will continue to act with the awareness of the issue of GMOs and meet the ultimate expectations of our customers in this direction.