MSc Agricultural Engineer

Founder of Sunar Group

A Benevolent Heartfelt

Farmer’s Nuri Uncle

TBMM Outstanding Service Award Winner


Hacı Nuri Çomu 

Our Founder

Hacı Nuri Çomu, the son of a reliable, hardworking national and religious draper, was born in 1935 in Osmaniye and is originally from Malatya Darende. He completed primary and secondary school in Osmaniye. After graduating from Adana Erkek High School, he graduated from Ankara University as an MSc agricultural engineer. Subsequent to completing his undergraduate education, he started to be into agriculture intensively.

He was engaged in the cultivation of both garden and field crops. After that, he served as a manager at the Akdeniz Yarn Factory alongside his father-in-law Mehmet Nuri Sabuncu.

Hacı Nuri Çomu, who laid the foundations of the Sunar Group with the Sunar Ginning and Paddy Factory in 1974, later made investments in flour, feed, starch and oil industries.

Hacı Nuri Çomu, who is a charitable person, has made significant contributions to the construction of Adana and Osmaniye; it was deemed worthy of the TBMM Outstanding Service Award due to mosques, schools, bridges, hospitals and student scholarships and received this award with the presentation of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Hacı Nuri ÇOMU, whose charity services were carried out with the Nuri Çomu Foundation named after him, passed away on December 15, 2020.
The Late Hacı Nuri ÇOMU, served his beloved country for more than half a century as a farmer, investor, industrialist and manager, especially within the framework of the development of agriculture-based industry.